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Small to mid-sized companies need strong financial management every bit as much as large companies. The problem is justifying the high salary and benefits of an experienced CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Additionally, the smaller company probably does not have a daily need for this higher level of expertise.

Small businesses can gain valuable insight and organizational control by partnering with an experienced finance professional on a part-time or interim basis. Prairie Advisory Corp. takes the time to understand your business and provide this insight in a cost-effective manner.

We will provide real value to your organization by:
  • Providing dependable strategic leadership

  • Adding credibility through experience and objectivity

  • Providing a fresh perspective on acquisitions, divestments, financings, reporting, analysis, finance, and cost control

  • Acting as a sounding board for owners and or senior management in the decision-making process

  • Oversight of the preparation of quarterly financial statements and related public disclosure documents, in concert with the Company's service providers;

  • Preparation of the Audit Committee package and presentation of the quarterly results to the Audit Committee; - Coordinating and working with the Company's CEO to prepare news releases and MD&A documents;

  • Attending Board of Directors meetings upon invitation as the Company's finance representative and assisting the CEO with developing financial strategies for the Company including acquisition, divestment, and financing mandates;

  • Guiding the development of the annual business plan and associated operating and capital budgets, as well as preparing and presenting the quarterly reporting against the Plan;

  • Overseeing the monthly accounting routines performed by the accounting staff;

  • Investing surplus funds in accordance with the organization's investment policy;

  • Preparing business case models and forecasting scenarios for business planning;

  • Maintaining relationships with auditors and overseeing the annual external audit process for the Company;

  • Managing the treasury function, including relationships with various banks;

  • Maintaining relationships with the Company's insurance broker, including review, maintenance and renewal of insurance coverage;

  • Oversight of the Investor Relations' program. This includes organizing public documents consistent with the organization's disclosure policy and procedures, drafting news releases, responding to shareholder calls and other contacts, preparation of information packages, investor presentations and other public Company information;

  • Ensuring compliance with government and reporting regulations, including the organization's continuous disclosure obligations and CEO/CFO certification requirements;

  • Establishing and maintaining financial policies and procedures to ensure proper accounting standards and controls;

  • Achieving Company corporate objectives and key performance targets as laid out in the long-range and annual business and strategic plans; and

  • Ensuring that the day-to-day business affairs of the organization are appropriately managed.
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