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Prairie Advisory Corp. is a leader in providing mid-market transaction advisory services and is committed to helping companies reach their full potential. Whether it's assistance in selling your company, financing to fund your growth strategy, due diligence on an impending transaction or other merger and acquisition activity - you require innovative and effective corporate finance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our professionals bring a wealth of experience, expertise and integrity to every transaction. We strive to understand your unique needs while delivering customized strategies to help you achieve your business goals.


A successful divestiture requires expert advice and guidance through each step of the transaction, from initial planning to a successful closing. We oversee all stages of the transaction through a strategic process, leading to efficient execution and ensuring you receive maximum value.

We specialize in divestiture transactions in the $10 to $250 million range. Overseeing every step of the transaction, we run a strategic process, which leads to efficient execution and ensures you receive maximum value.

Our Corporate Finance specialists provide their expertise and support during every stage of your divestiture transaction, including:

Strategy Development

When you're ready to sell your business or divest an asset, our first step is to establish your personal and business goals. From there, we develop a strategic plan that is consistent with your needs and considers all aspects of the transaction.

Purchaser Identification

Channeling the power of our networks, we identify, screen and target potential buyers.

Transaction Management

We manage every aspect of your divesture, including determining the current market value of your business or asset, structuring and negotiating the deal, conducting due diligence and delivering effective tax and financing strategies.

Closing and Post-Deal Support

One of the most important parts of your divesture is closing it. We provide post-deal transitional management to ensure both you and the purchaser are satisfied with the transaction outcome.

By managing your divestiture at every stage, we are able to maximize shareholder value, minimize risk and deliver results during this critical time in your business.


Whether you plan to invest in additional assets, increase your working capital or refinance debt, we can help you gain access to a range of financing options, determine optimal financing structures and get the best deal possible to help grow your business.

In the past, many organizations had to rely on chartered banks or alternative lenders to obtain financing. Today, our Corporate Finance professionals can help you access new and innovative financing sources. Whether you want to invest in additional assets, increase your working capital or refinance debt, we identify and help you access the right capital that will allow you to reach your business goals.

We can help you:

  • Analyze current financing
  • Develop financing recommendations
  • Prepare financial packages
  • Review, analyze, recommend and negotiate for optimal terms and conditions
  • Present to financiers
There are many benefits to working with our Corporate Finance professionals, including:
  • Optimal debt / equity financing mix
  • Improved access to financiers
  • Trusted advice from experienced corporate growth professionals
We deliver strategic financing solutions that help you realize and fully execute your growth opportunities, refine your capital structure and enhance the value of your business.


The ability to grow a business often hinges on making the right acquisition at the right time. We provide effective strategies and expert advice through all stages of the acquisition process.

Buying or merging with an existing business is a major transition for both parties. Without a thorough plan or sufficient expertise, your transaction may fall victim to unwanted surprises or worse, fall apart entirely. With shareholder value on the line, you need expert counsel and an effective strategy at every stage.

We have developed a proven process for acquisitions that reduces risk and ensures you acquire your new asset at the best price possible.

Strategy Development

When you're looking to acquire a business, we start by developing a thorough understanding of your current business and your financial state. From there, we create a comprehensive yet efficient plan to guide you through the acquisition process.

Target Identification

After determining the specific attributes of the business you are looking to acquire, we review our regional, national and global networks for suitable targets and lead initial inquiries.

Transaction Management

We manage every aspect of your acquisition, including ensuring you pay fair market value, structuring and negotiating the deal and developing an effective tax strategy.

Closing and Post-Deal Support

Once you've acquired your target business, the next and most critical step is integrating them into your existing operations. Our merger and integration services help realize the synergistic potential of the deal through post-merger support, including process and supply chain optimization, change management and organizational restructuring.

By managing your acquisition at every stage, we're able to help you successfully acquire a target business, increase shareholder value and ensure a smooth transition.

Due Diligence

Effective due diligence helps you manage business risk and equips you to negotiate the best possible deal from a position of strength. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we provide expertise in all facets of the transaction to ensure you make strategic investment decisions that will benefit you now and in the future.

Regardless of the size of your business, due diligence is one of the most important steps in the acquisition process. Done properly, it can mitigate risks, increase confidence regarding your investment and allow you to negotiate the best deal possible.

Our due diligence professionals have extensive experience serving businesses across diverse markets and a broad range of industries, including public and private manufacturing, retail, distribution, service, gaming, health care, construction, agrifood, technology and oil and gas.

We know that timing and quality is crucial to any deal. We use a systematic approach to ensure your due diligence is completed as efficiently yet thoroughly as possible, looking for factors that could impact your investment both now and in the future.

Our comprehensive due diligence process involves:

  • Understanding your transaction goals
  • Analyzing, testing and evaluating historic business data and forecasted financials
  • Reviewing the quality and sustainability of earnings, achievability of forecasts and identification of profit / cash flow drivers of the prospective business
  • Assessing the proposed acquisition's tax structure and potential exposures
  • Evaluating the operational aspects of the proposed business, such as the company's current management capabilities and allocation of resources to identify operational efficiencies
  • Reviewing and providing insight on strategic elements of the acquisition's business, including corporate structure, level of integration and commercial risks There are many benefits to working with our due diligence professionals, including:
  • Minimizing the time and cost invested in the acquisition process
  • Securing the best possible deal
  • Enhancing potential ROI on your acquisition
  • Improved clarity of risk for management and financiers
Our due diligence services go beyond discovering and defining risks. We help you feel secure in your investment, ensure you're not overpaying for an acquisition and that you have the full story before moving forward with a transaction.

Transaction Advisory Services

While transactions such as mergers, divestitures and acquisitions may be common, executing them is rarely simple. We provide support at all stages of a transaction to prevent costly surprises and maximize the value of the every business transaction.

As a business owner, you know remaining static in a competitive environment can be detrimental to your long-term success. Change is constant, as are the risks and benefits.

Whether you are considering divesting assets or buying them, setting up financing or establishing an exit plan, having complete information beforehand is essential to a successful transaction. Prairie's transaction advisors will help you create an appropriate strategy before, during or after a deal to ensure maximum positive results.

We Help You Facilitate Change

Our team provides strategic advice at all stages of a transaction by accessing a diverse suite of services and expertise. Working closely with you, we analyze your existing capital structure, advise on the most favourable alternatives open to you and provide outcome models tailored to your business.

Target Identification

We can help you identify appropriate strategic targets and assist with the negotiations, whether you are selling or buying assets.

Developing an Exit Strategy

We provide advice on what you need to do now and in the future to successfully divest your company and mitigate challenges down the line.

Integration Strategy

Successful integration into a buyer’s current operation is critical to the success of an acquisition – from both the buyer and the seller's side. We provide expertise and informed analysis before and after the sale.

Our transaction advisory services can help you prepare the groundwork for a solid position in the future.

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